Tips for Enhancing Customer Experience

AdobeStock_105891526.jpegIn truth, the consumer has more choices than he or she has ever had before when it comes to shopping – both in person and online. In order to draw customers into their doors, retailers, banks, and other businesses must have their customers’ experience in mind. Why would something walk into your establishment instead of just doing something online or going to a different store instead?

If you check out this blog post from AurionPro, you might be able to ascertain what businesses are doing to improve the customer experience. AurionPro understands that optimizing customer experience can help businesses save time and money, change customer’s perceptions, and ultimately encourage customers to buy from them. Here are several points the blog post makes:

Use Self-Serve Kiosks to Improve Customer Experience: There is nothing more frustrating for a customer who is in a hurry, but has to deal with a long line – especially when they want something that can be done in seconds. Consider buying a movie ticket. You’re running late for a movie, but there is a long line, causing you to miss part of the movie. A self-serve kiosk could allow you to buy your tix and get into the movie in time if you’re in a hurry. This could work for a variety of applications – from bill pay to banking.

Relevant Upsells and Other Promotions: From discount programs, like free rewards memberships that offer perks for purchases, to relevant upsells that incorporate past buying history, these things can really draw people in and keep them loyal – especially if they feel they won’t receive the same, personalized experience elsewhere.

Security: Security is something that a customer will never see or experience unless something goes wrong. There’s no question that hackers are getting more sophisticated with how they attain customer data. Michael’s, Target, and the Home Depot are just a few of the many companies that have experienced large data breaches in the past five years. These breaches cause headaches for customers and could potentially keep them away or tarnish their perception of a company altogether. Keep security in mind when investing in customer experience too!




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